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Expanded metal mesh for building and decoration

Expanded metal is processed by special machine, and formed a kind of wire mesh. This wire mesh can be divided into small expanded mesh, expanded metal meshes, stainless steel expanded mesh. The mesh is formed by stretching and has elegant appearance, sturdy and durable.

The metal mesh classification:

Expanded Metal Application

Expanded Metal Application

Expanded metal mesh is mainly used for civil engineering batch of cement, machinery and equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-end speaker grilles. The mesh also applied in highway guardrail, sports venues fence, green belt production net of roads.

Special heavy expanded metal can be used for step mesh of oil tanker, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives, ships, and other working platforms, escalators, walkways. It can also used as reinforcing for construction, roads, bridges.

Apart from the above, expanded metal for ceiling, building, it can be used in hotels, conference halls, and other high-end places.

Expanded Metal Mesh Benefit

Compared with other metal mesh, our expanded metal mesh has following benefits: Strong and durable, elegant appearance, bright colors, easy maintenance and good visibility.

It is also easy to use and construction, thus can shorten the period and has the economic effect.

Good ventilation performance and solid mesh.

Hot Products

Expanded Metal Ceiling

Expanded metal ceiling is widely used for custom potions and easy installation. Its common open patterns is square. We can provide a variety of specifications ceiling in expanded metal for customers.

Hexagonal Expanded Metal

Hexagonal Expanded Metal with the materials of aluminum, copper, steel sheet, is widely used in fences, walkways, placards. The expanded metal surface treatment or coating is electro galvanized or bronze.

Decorative Expanded Metal Mesh

Decorative expanded metal is available in carbon steel, aluminum and other alloys in a wide range of patterns and gauges. Most of these patterns are produced on a special order basis only.

Security Expanded Metal Fence

Expanded metal mesh for common fences is diamond opening mesh. This kind of metal fence is popularly used in gardens, schools, general fencing for living area and industrial sites.


Expanded Metal Sheet

Here show flattened expanded metal sheet new specification: including designation, gauge, width, length and more info.

Flat Type Expanded Metal

Flat expanded metal types, aluminum metal, galvanized metal, stainless steel flat expanded metal mesh size and grade types.

Aluminum Sheet

Expanded metal, expanded metal sheet, expanded metal screen: Aluminum expanded metal offers savings in weight and metal, free passage of light, liquid, sound, and air, while providing a decorative or ornamental effect.

Stainless Steel 304 Flattened Expanded Metal

Stainless steel 304 flattened expanded metal is widely used for construction and building. Flattened expanded metal, aluminum expanded metal or stainless steel expanded metal are all available.